Monty’s Dog Beach & Bar, Croatia: The Best Place to Take Your Dog This Summer

In 2016, Monty's Dog Beach & Bar received 'Simply the Best' award by the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies in the Most Innovative and Original Project category.

Last summer was full of firsts!

It was the first time we organized a road trip, our first 20+ day trip (23 days to be exact), our first time traveling with a puppy, and the first summer with almost none beach time (born and raised on the coast). Cotte d’Azur and Provance are full of history, art, romance, and breathtaking nature, but puppy friendly they are not.

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We had an amazing time. We loved Nice, Marseilles, and every town and village we visited along the way. We fell in love with all of it many times over, but sweating all day long near that perfectly clear blue water and not being able to cool off was sometimes close to torture. Our beach luck turned on the way back to Montenegro, when we found the perfect spot for lazy summer days and puppy happiness in the small town of Crikvenica, Croatia.

Lorry on the dog beach
I approve this view.

With No Exaggerations, It’s Puppy Heaven

I found Monty’s Dog Beach and Bar by chance on The Lonely Planet. The article painted a compelling image of “gazing out on the crystal clear water of the Adriatic sea, sitting on a beach with a beer in one hand and your four-legged companion lapping his own doggy beer at your feet”. Who could say no to that?

As soon as we saw we will be going through Crikvenica on our way back home, we made a deal to stay in Crikvenica for a night and check it out. I don’t think I ever saw Lorry and Andrija that happy. 😀

It truly is a beach bar fitted for the needs of our four-legged family members and, after 20 days of trying and failing, to find a place all three of us can go swimming and have a great time, it was heaven-sent. There are no surprises, Monty’s Dog Beach and Bar is advertised as a dog beach so people who go there go with dogs or actually expect dogs to be there. Being on a beach with Lorry, not worrying that someone will take offense was so relaxing.

He stole a ball from a german shepherd
It seems that Lorry never learned that stealing a ball from another puppy is bad.
Looking sadly at the ball
“Don’t worry, girl, he will have to come our way at one point…”

The beach is small and cozy with a bar shaped as a doghouse. The original paper sketch, when the founders started thinking about opening a dog beach and bar three years ago, had a brown doghouse and grass around it. Once they started building they decided on the marine color scheme it has today.

Aside from the refreshments like coffee, cold beer and ice-cream you can usually find in a beach bar, Monty’s offers a variety of treats for puppies as well. We faced a hard decision of choosing between dog beer, dog ice-cream, and dog pizza. We decided on a beer called Snuffle – like father like son. 😂

Monty's dog bar serves dog beer
Two guys enjoying their day at the beach 😂
Lorry drinking Snuff dog beer
Lorry loved Snuffle! It’s a specially brewed beer made of chicken and vegetables, made in Belgium. The coolest treat ever. 🙂

One of our greatest worries were other dogs and if we will be able to let him run around and play without fear. In the end, he found many friends, big and small, and had the time of his life. Both dogs and their people were very pleasant and eager to socialize. Or, if they were more for a quiet and solitary relaxation, they lay on their towels and watched others argue over a ball…

Monty's Dog Beach and Bar
… or enjoy the sunset like the little lady here. 🙂

Covering the Logistics

It’s been a wonderful journey starting up this unique beach bar – we like to call it a dog’s heaven on earth. We’ve had so many beautiful experiences so far, met so many pet owners from all around the world and have grown in our business knowledge. We keep adding new fun features every year in order help our visitors have a memorable holiday! Ruby and Igor, owners of Monty's

Monty’s Dog Beach and Bar is situated on a small peninsula in Crikvenica, Croatia. You can get there by car or on foot.

  • By car: Take the second exit to Crikvenica from the highway, take a left at the “Petrol” gas station, turn right to get to the port, and make a final turn left to get to the little marina and the peninsula.
  • On foot: It’s around 10-15 minutes away from the city center on foot. If walking from the city center, go along the coast in the direction of Selce. Cross the bridge and carry on forward until you get to the marina. There is “Monty’s Dog Beach and Bar” signage along the way so you should not get lost.

Crikvenica is a perfect example of a small, Mediterranean village with a population of 6,600 people, so no matter where your accommodation is, you can get from one side of it to another in about 20 minutes. It has charming beaches and it’s close to Rijeka, Plitvice National park and islands of Krk and Cres, so it’s easy to get around and see more of Croatian coast.

The little marina in Crikvenica, Croatioa
The little marina in Crikvenica, Croatia. Monty’s dog beach and bar is on the left.

Monty's Dog Beach and Bar signage in Crikvenica

This year, the beach opens on June 1st and it will probably stay open until October like last year. The price of the whole day rent of two sunbeds and an umbrella is 80 kunas.

Food tips if in Crikvenica: Check out the Luminum

Also important, there is always plenty of water available for the dogs, just ask, and a designated shower area to wash off the salt water.

We can’t wait to go back! Perhaps we even meet there this summer. 🙂

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