The Paws

It all started with a book I received on my 8th birthday. In 70 beautifully illustrated pages, With Children Around the World presented a doorway into previously unexplored worlds. I learned about Mexican national dishes, how to say hello in Hindu, animals you can find in Australia and the games children play in Ghana. I promised myself I will see all those places, and get to know all those cultures, in person.

This is me keeping that promise, but in a way I could not have imagined – with a companion that mirrors my enthusiasm, provides mad orientation skills and sniff out all the good places to visit.

Travelling with a furry baby is a challenge, though. There are still many places where, even more than bureaucracy, the culture presents an obstacle. One of the goals of this blogs is to explore all those puppy-friendly destinations and make it easier for you to bring your pup next time you are going on a trip!