The Paws

A girl with a serious case of wanderlust, a boy who loves her enough to lend his sense of direction and a four-legged baby excited to be wherever they are.

It all started with a book I received on my 8th birthday. In 70 beautifully illustrated pages, With Children Around the World presented a doorway into previously unexplored worlds. I learned about Mexican national dishes, how to say hello in Hindu, animals you can find in Australia and the games children play in Ghana. I promised myself I will see all those places, and get to know all those cultures, in person.

This is me keeping that promise, but in a way I could not have imagined – with two travelling companions that mirror my enthusiasm, provide mad orientation skills and sniff out all the good places to visit.

About Wandering Paws
Andrija and Lorenzo (Lorry) on Moyenne Corniche, French Riviera.

Travelling with our furry baby is a challenge, though. There are still many places where, even more than bureaucracy, the culture presents an obstacle. One of the goals of this blogs is to explore all those puppy-friendly destinations and make it easier for you to bring your pup next time you are going on a trip!