WoofWoof: Hey guys, I know how to swim!

I never liked water.

I don’t really get why I have to clean my paws every time I get back from the walk. At first, it was just mom, but now even dad crossed to the dark side. It’s not fair. 🙁 It’s not like I smell as a cat or anything!

Then just yesterday they decided to take me to the place called “beach”. It was big, and there were stones and some giant white birds (I showed them!) and lots of people and a looooot of water. I was getting ready for another bath when mom and dad walked in. I could not believe it! One moment they were fussing around and they were knee deep in the next one.

That water was big and salty. I admit I was a bit shocked. At first. It’s not like I cried or anything. What, what did you hear? So, I did not cry. I decided to rescue them!

I bravely entered the water one paw after another and knew how to swim right away! It’s true, mom says I am her little fish, so there. It’s not hard at all, and I guess this “beach” is ok. I could go again.

He is a natural! 😍 🐶+🌊=🐳 #cavlife #firstswim #puppiesofinstagram #puppylove #ckcs

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